Alexander Technique and Academic Tutoring

Kai Kleinbard is a learning and movement specialist dedicated to helping young learners succeed in school. Kai offers one-on-one and group lessons in Academic Support, Alexander Technique and in helping youth develop their creative interests.
Research Initiative:

Teaching safe and effective social media practices to kids

Janet Elias refers to her students as digital natives, children who have never known a world without computers. She teaches them to search the Internet and create slide-show presentations, and this year she has also added a theme on social media: its applications, its effect on real-world events and the importance of using it safely.

What these kids do is already amazing. I’m not trying to make kids more adult, or develop…

What these kids do is already amazing. I’m not trying to make kids more adult, or develop faster; instead, I’m attempting to bring out what they already do incredibly well and intrinsically: use their imagination. Through this skill they create amazing things, not just for a kid, but for an adult, an alien, a creature etc The creations are powerful enough to be masterpieces, because they come…

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Cities Advance Their Fight Against Rising Inequality

This article uses some nifty charts to show the growing wealth disparity in cities such as NYC and San Fransisco.  Ineqaulity is growing along with a rapid rise in housing costs.

DIY Learning vs. Situated Learning

DIY Learning vs. Situated Learning

DIY Learning vs. Situated Learning –using both types of learning can fuel effective learning— DIYDo-it-yourself learning is a great way to stay relevant with the fast-changing world.  A DIY model for learning is effective when the learner understand how they intrinsically learn.  This requires that the learner is able to monitor progress through awareness and reflection practices. …

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